Approach S20 Golf Watch: Pairing Your Smartphone

Enjoy all the features Approach S20 golf watch has to offer by pairing it with your compatible smartphone. Get smart notifications and more, right on your wrist. And with Garmin Connect Mobile you can share and compare your scores, download your round and track improvements from previous rounds for every course you play. Find out […]

Maple Hill Golf – Golfwith Smart Marker GPS Unit Review

Follow along as Andy Kitchen takes an in depth look into the Smart Marker by Golfwith. The Golfwith Smart Marker is a poker chip style ball marker that connects with your phone via bluetooth. Using the Golfwith and its accompanying app, a player can click just once to hear the distance to the green from […]

Approach S20 Golf Watch: Using AutoShot Round Analyzer

With Garmin AutoShot round analyzer, you can review, map and analyze all your shots from each round you play. Learn how to automatically sync and view all your data on Garmin Connect. Find out more here: source

Caddie Chip Golf GPS Tutorial

Please check out our website : The Caddie Chip is the next generation of golf GPS devices. The Caddie Chip communicates with your smart phone via Bluetooth to transmit your position on the fairway. Using your phones voice the free app you download tells you the distance to and part of the green. You […]

Approach S20: Starting a Round of Golf

Prepare to tee off for a round of golf with Garmin’s Approach S20 golf watch. Learn how quick and easy it is to select a course, view the current hole and start playing. Find out more at source