Preview NEW GOLF RULES 2019 | Overview Of The Five Most Significant Rules Changes

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Overview of the five most significant rules changes proposed for 2019.

In this easy-to-understand video, Yves C. Ton-That, referee and author of the bestseller “Golf Rules Quick Reference” which has sold more than a million copies, explains what will change in 2019. Work is currently still underway on the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 years and therefore exactly what will change has not yet been decided. But rules official Ton-That has already taken a look through the drafts from the R&A and the USGA and has put together a summary of the most significant changes that will highly probably come into force on January 1st, 2019.

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22 thoughts on “Preview NEW GOLF RULES 2019 | Overview Of The Five Most Significant Rules Changes

  1. Why having a girl in the video?
    She does not even play golf (assumption based on technique)

    She has low standards in clothes. Not really the role model needed for younger girls.

  2. Talking about changes. This material has been hanging about for a long time
    It appears to me that there is more than one instruction on how to strike a golf ball with a golf club.
    Instruction No 1.Rule 14.1. It is obvious this instruction is promoted by R&A and P.G.A. Course Officials at televised competitions when players are changing the characteristics of a club during play without comment.
    e.g. At the John Deere Classic Illinois 2018 .A shot was played from off the putting green with the toe of a putter onto the green by Michael Kim. Michael is not alone when it comes to this type of play. Info below requires modifying

    Instruction No 1. (Rule 14-1) a player can use any part of the club head – face, back, toe or heel – to strike the ball providing it is fairly struck at. The limitation of use for the club head is in Appendix II. 4. d.

    Instruction No 2. Rule 4 and Appendix II. This instruction is sadly ignored by most players and their replies are, everybody does it. Please read on.

    Info:-Rules Explorer And Info Search
    Rule 4 and appendix II, 4.d. design of clubs states that:-
    The clubhead must have only one striking face, except that a putter may have two such faces if their characteristics are the same, and they are opposite each other.
    The exception for putters was introduced in order to accommodate traditional blade-type putters.Determining whether a surface constitutes a second (or third) striking face is often a matter of opinion. However, in general, a surface should be considered an additional striking face if, the area is flat and it is clearly designed to be used for striking the ball; or, it is opposite the intended face and consists of a flat surface of a different loft and/or material; or, it is a flat surface on the toe and/or heel of a cylindrical, rectangular or square head design which could effectively be used to strike the ball; or, it could otherwise effectively be used to strike the ball. All three of the putters illustrated in figure 38 would be ruled non-conforming.
    The illustrations can be seen in the Rules explorer.
    Striking Faces

    (a)This putter has one (b)This putter has a (c)This putter has two
    Small faces at the front “balata” type insert in the identical surfaces at the front
    And a second much longer front, but the back of the and the back. However ,it also
    Face at the back. head is smooth, flat, has a third striking face at the
    metal surface. toe. Rule 14.Ia/I Playing a stroke with the back of a clubhead.
    Q. May a player play a left hand-handed stroke with the back of a right handed club?.
    **A. Yes. A player may play a stroke with any part of the clubhead, providing the ball is fairly struck at (Rule 14-Ia) and the club conforms to Rule 4.I.
    I consider the R&A info to Rule 14- Ia/I. Q. be a breach of Rule 4. I. and 2.
    It appears that the above applies to all the clubs in use.
    Rule 4.I a. General. The player’s clubs must conform with this Rule and the provisions, specifications and interpretations set forth in Appendix II. Rule 4-2 a. During stipulated round, the characteristics of a club must not be purposely changed by adjustment or by any other means. Page 16. Understanding Words. .must = instruction (and penalty if not carried out).
    Penalty for breach of Rule 4-1 or 4-2 is Disqualification.

  3. The dropping of the ball is incorrect. It is from knee height. You should re make the vid using correct applications of the rules. Your vid is pretty good but it is not correct.

  4. Will it be called something else? Seems it will be difficult to access your game as compared to before once it takes effect. How to gauge the golf "Greats" (Greg Norman , Tiger Woods, G. Player, J. Niklas, etc) in future? The game and records made ny them is sure going to be different. Think should have a rethink….

  5. Two points:

    1) I've seen other videos saying the drop rule is now knee-height, not as low as you wish.

    2) The new rule allowing you to leave in the flagstick on the green is going to be more impactful than all of the rest combined. This is a huge change to the game. I don't know that I disagree with it – but wow, does it every change the whole nature of the game I've known for 50 years or so.

  6. The flagstick rule is total stupidity. It wont quicken play. As well it is providing an aid, when other rules don't allow aids. Consider this scenario ….. 4 players are on the green about 20 feet away. The first player has the flag in for first putt, but out for the second putt. This is repeated by the 2nd player, then the 3rd player and also the last player. This means the flag will be put in or out 7 times during the putting process by the group. How could this possibly be faster. SHOWS THAT WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS RULE CHANGE IS STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

  7. People playing casual weekend golf don’t give a crap about a three minute time limit. They’re going to look for a ball as long as they want to. This rule changes nothing. Five minutes to locate a lost ball is fair.

  8. Hoi Yves, echt guet gmacht, bravo, au de Portugal Clip 👍⛳️🏌🏻Liebä Gruess Christina & Andreas Übrigens ich verchauf dies Regel, Etikette und Schwierige Lagen Büechli echt viel im Lade…..

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