Swing by Swing Golf GPS App Review

Swing by Swing golf app reviewed and tested by David Folk – owner of Hardy Greaves Golf Shops.

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See if the Swing by Swing Golf GPS App can improve your game. The swing by swing is one of the top GPS Apps for Android and iOS users. Swing by Swing does a great job of reading yardages, but appears to lack a few features in the free version. See David’s honest review of the Swing by Swing GPS app, supported by on course testing.

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15 thoughts on “Swing by Swing Golf GPS App Review

  1. If you tap onscreen on the green of the hole you are playing, it will give yardage to front, center, and back of the green. Also, you noticed discrepancies between official yardages while standing on yardage markers on the tee boxes and the GPS yardage. Official yardage markers measure yardage down the center of the fairway along the hole while GPS measures straight to the hole “as the crow flies” so unless the hole is completely straight you would expect the GPS yardage to be shorter than the official yardage marker indicates. This is is most easily understood when considering a 90 degree dogleg par 4 where your first shot goes straight north and 2nd shot at the dogleg goes straight west onto the green. The GPS would measure straight northwest from tee to green giving a much shorter yardage than the official yardage on the scorecard.

  2. I use this app on my Lg G6 and it work perfectly for a freebie…but you have missed out on a nice feature which is when you tee off if you press the small golf club icon on bottom right next to camera it will give you the distance you hit the ball once you have walked to it….over all a very nice app….

  3. Have you did an updated review with Looper Features? I just watched the Video on the Swing by Swing and then it pointed me to your review. I bet the GPS will suck your battery dry. Good idea to have a Extra battery charger to keep the battery fully charged.

  4. I have an iPhone 6plus, apple diagnostics on my battery is good, settings to reduce battery life is to the minimum. With that said, I have to use a external battery pack for 18 holes. The gps in the “always” on setting (for better app performance) drains my battery very very quickly!!! My friends iphone7, doesn’t have that problem. M4 has to wait, I need a new phone lol

  5. I've used SxS since 2013 and there's one very important feature not shown in the video. Clicking in the grayed flag in top left corner shows distance to different areas of the green. I've compared to laser finders and always very minimal differences (0-3 yards). Being an early adopter of the app has it benefits as I got some the most important Looper feature included, stats (driver accuracy, bunker, puts, penalties, greens in reg, etc.

  6. Thanks for making the video ! I'm in the market for a golf app and happened across your channel . I'm subscriber 151 ! Keep up the great work !

  7. App was working great on my old iphone 5….I just got an iphone 6 for some reason I cannot set the Background App Refresh setting…it is greyed out…from what I understand this needs to be on in order for this app to work correctly. Can anyone help me to figure this out as I love this app.

  8. I have an older Iphone 5 and I can get 18 holes no problem with app with maybe 26-30% battery life left on my phone
    I am wondering about the Clear Cached Data feature on app….what is this?

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