GolfShot GPS App Review

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GolfShot by GolfZoom tested by David Folk.

Watch as David gives an on course review, testing the features and accuracy of Golfshot GPS app vs a Leupold Laser Range Finder. David gives readings for each unit and discusses the pros and cons of the GolfShot app and whether or not it will help improve your game.

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21 thoughts on “GolfShot GPS App Review

  1. Really enjoy your free app. I use it all the time. In fact, I put my expensive GPS in the drawer because it was too erratic and uncomfortable to use. I like your scoring feature. And club selection. Also DO NOT like that no yardage is given when inside the circle on the green. I rely on exact yardage for my 60 degree wedge. Unfortunately this app does not give it to me. That is about the only downside to the app. Great design. Now using the Pro version because I caught it on sale for $8.99 last winter.

  2. It's an amazing app that I have been using now for 9 months. I tend to use it to plan my tee shot and possibly a lay up, then I use it one last time to plan my approach shot into the green making sure there's no hazards behind the green should I go long. I also use my range finder for pin yardage so that I choose the correct club.

  3. I upgraded my phone to Iphone 8 plus and its not communicating with my heart and activity on the phone plus it no longer gives the caleries on the loose it app, WHY

  4. Lol Free ? FREE ???? hahaha what a joke , Golfshot is a scam , I paid $ only to find I had to pay even MORE $ to get something else . dont bullshit the people , besides , there are much better apps out there . Swing by swing is far better( and free ) , Golfpad is better ( And free ) in a simplistic way and if you have a bit of money to spend and dont want to be scammed , go for the ultimate , buy the GARMIN S60 watch , its EVERYTHING in one .

  5. Great review thanks. I've used Golf shot free for 7 years and have over 600 rounds on it. I also have a rangefinder. I play off 7.
    The GPS is highly accurate. I especially like that you can measure carry distances to hazards by tap and hold, it is much more accurate than GPS for that as horizon is difficult to pinpoint on those. Rangefinders I like for more pin point yardage from inside 120 yards.
    The basic stats are great and good to compare year on year to measure progress tho I've also started using a strokes gained and club specific app for more detail.
    Overall a terrific app even for the paid version!

  6. I'm a Golflogix user and the app is starting to give me problems. I pay the price annually but it recently has started to be way off on gps distances. I'm testing new ones. I think I'll give this a try.

  7. Nice review. I've used Golfshot for a year now and had a blast with it. I received an offer for the Pro version for $9.99 and loved it. I primarily used it with my first gen Apple watch which was slow as molasses but still relatively functional. I purchased the new Apple watch in hopes of a faster experience and not have to be tethered to my phone but when I used Golfshot the other day all it did was freeze on my phone. It was an awful experience. I'm hoping there's just some tweaking that needs to be done in the settings or an update in the making but I can't find any info about a fix. We'll see…

  8. I enjoyed your video of Golfshot, looks like a good app for the phone. I just bought an Apple Watch 3 with GPS and cellular thinking that I could get a stand alone golf app without using my iphone. I can't find one! Do you have a recommendation of a golf app for the apple watch? Thanks again!

  9. Thanks for the awesome review David and glad you enjoy the app! Good perspective on distances not appearing in the rings once you're on the green, we can look into some solutions for that! And we're sorry to hear your Apple Watch isn't working, could you explain how exactly? We have some trouble shooting tips here as well: , let us know!

    You can also upgrade to Pro here for instant club recommendations and more:

  10. I have actually been using Golfshot Pro for a couple years now and currently have 35 rounds in it. It does give you yardages around the green in the Pro and works well with the Apple Watch. I love it and it's all I use.

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